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The festival was founded in 2011 with guidance from Late Mrs. Vijaya Mulay, distinguished documentary filmmaker, film historian, writer, educationist and researcher and Mr. Thomas Waugh, currently Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Film Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality, Cinema at Concordia University.

The festival presents films made mostly by independent filmmakers and includes a variety of themes. So far we have had 12 editions. The 13th annual edition is planned for 24th to 30th May 2024.

The festival invites films basically from South Asian countries (Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and their diaspora all over the world). Occasionally and at our discretion, we include films from neighboring countries of this region such as Iran, Turkey etc. The festival has grown from 6 films in 2011 to over fifty in 2023 on-site as well as online. The languages include the respective countries’ languages both national and regional including English.

SAFFM: A Decade of Diversity. Showcasing independent films from South Asia and beyond.

South Asian Film Festival of Montréal (SAFFM) is committed to showcasing new artistic work that fosters discussions and explores the world we inhabit. The Festival hopes to be a platform for filmmakers worldwide whose films have a focus on South Asia, with pertinence to Canadian democratic values and leading to civilized discussions and reconciliation of multiple points of views.

A Mosaic of Cultural Expressions

The festival is a symphony of languages, showcasing films in a multitude of national and regional dialects from the participating countries, along with English. This linguistic diversity is a testament to our commitment to cultural representation and inclusivity.

The festival showcases films with subtitles in English and French, in keeping with its inclusive ethos

SAFFM annually bestows prestigious awards to commend exceptional contributions to cinematic brilliance. The festival's coveted honors include the Best Feature Fiction, recognizing captivating storytelling; the Best Feature Documentary, celebrating profound insights into reality; the Best Short Fiction, honoring concise narrative artistry; and the Best Short Documentary, highlighting the potency of succinct storytelling. These awards not only acknowledge outstanding filmmakers but also enrich the global cinematic landscape, fostering a spirit of artistic exploration and cultural appreciation. Join us in applauding these remarkable talents who contribute to the vibrant tapestry of storytelling at the South Asian Film Festival of Montreal.


Cinematic Passion, Uniting Creative Forces.

Pre Screener SAFFM 2023-2024 List

Sabiha Mohammad
Shaheryar Ahmed
Seemab Zahra
Sahil Bhalla
Shagufta Faud
Asma Azam
Anushka Manoj
Shailee Rajak
Mussarat Tahir
Riddhi Mody
Manoj Kumar
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