Dive into the vibrant world of SAFFMontréal as it takes center stage in a recent feature on “The Montrealer” magazine. Explore the rich narrative of the South Asian Film Festival’s 12th edition, set to unfold from April 28 to May 7, 2023, both in cinemas and online.

Cinematic Brilliance: Uncover the festival’s commitment to showcasing 58 award-winning films from 12 countries, offering a diverse and thought-provoking lineup that challenges stereotypes and explores complex social and political issues.

Dual Experience: Engage in an immersive cinematic experience with screenings at cinemas and an online showcase featuring films with English and French subtitles. SAFFMontréal brings together filmmakers from South Asia and beyond, fostering global dialogue.

Juried Awards: Discover the significance of juried awards, recognizing outstanding films in categories such as short, long, documentary, and feature selections. SAFFMontréal’s focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion shines through its curated film selections.

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Experience the magic of SAFFMontréal – where storytelling transcends boundaries and cultural diversity takes center stage!