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Celebrating a Decade of Cinematic Excellence

The Journey of Our Festival

Founded in 2011 under the visionary guidance of the late Mrs. Vijaya Mulay, a luminary in documentary filmmaking, film history, and education, and Mr. Thomas Waugh, the esteemed Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Film Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies in Sexuality and Cinema at Concordia University, our festival has become a beacon for independent cinema.

A Platform for Diverse Voices and Stories
A Platform for Diverse Voices and Stories

At its core, the festival celebrates the spirit of independent filmmaking. We showcase an eclectic mix of films that span a wide array of themes, bringing to life the diverse and vibrant tapestries of human experiences. From its humble beginnings with just six films in 2011, the festival has blossomed into a much-anticipated event, featuring over fifty films in our latest edition, both on-site and online.

A Global Stage for South Asian Cinema
A Global Stage for South Asian Cinema

Our primary focus is on films from South Asian countries - Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka - and their diasporas across the globe. In our pursuit of cinematic diversity, we occasionally include select films from neighboring regions such as Iran and Turkey, enriching our repertoire with their unique storytelling perspectives.

The festival is a symphony of languages, showcasing films in a multitude of national and regional dialects from the participating countries, along with English. This linguistic diversity is a testament to our commitment to cultural representation and inclusivity.

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As a volunteer-run festival, your support is the driving force behind making SAFFM ‘happen’.

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